murder heaven

Hoorah!!! americans can murder anyone they want in Iraq, be CONVICTED of crimes that would get them jail in the U.S., but since the dead are only ragheads and muslims, the murderers go free

In other news, while american soldiers and mercenaries rampage through Iraq killing at will (they have now killed more civilians than all the car bombs, Al-Qaeda, and militias on all sides have killed) with the occasional rape of innocent girls sleeping in their homes along with the massacre of everyone in the house to silence all witnesses, plus the rape of boys by american soldiers, and the sexual humiliation of a father in front of his son (that's the charitable view, the father being sexually humiliated while his son watches, more likely though it was worse than that, although perhaps not as bad as having the father rape his son or vice versa) in Abu-Ghraib, in Guantanamo, prisoners are tortured to life by forcing tubes up their noses every day and forcefeeding them. What is it like when soldiers tie you down in bed and force the tube through your nose?

Having male detainees pose nude while female guards pointed at their genitals; having female detainees exposing themselves to the guards; having detainees perform indecent acts with each other; and guards physically assaulting detainees by beating and dragging them with choker chains.
...I learned from Taguba that the first wave of materials included descriptions of the sexual humiliation of a father with his son, who were both detainees.

American soldiers raped women and at least one 9 year old girl, videotaped the rapes and actually put the videos online (website has been since shutdown, damage control you see)

and of course there was Abir Qaseem Hamza Al-janabi

Abeer was raped, killed, burned, and her family killed. Was she raped before or after her family was killed? Did her family hear her screaming while she was being raped by american soldiers? or did she know that they were all dead while she was being raped? Did she hope that she'd be allowed to live in shame? Did the american soldiers think she was lucky they raped her at all instead of just killing her out of hand as they did (or they would) her family? Is there any shame left in the world? Out in the world. There isn't any in America while GW Bush lives.

What a country, a beacon of torture and savagery. Land of the brave indeed, it's a land of soldiers who create enemies because all they care about is their own skins.

While I love certain individual americans (and non-americans who live in the U.S.A.), I will never set foot on American soil until the U.S.A. has paid in full, and then paid interest, for the barbarity it has unleashed on Afghans, Iraqis and innocent detainees. And, as far as I'm concerned, all detainees are innocent unless proven otherwise, in non-kangaroo-courts. If any of those detainees had personally flown one of those airliners on 9/11 and then parachuted out, he's innocent until the U.S. proves him guilty. So far, all the U.S. has done is prove itself guilty of directly killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, and indirectly causing the deaths of close to a million more.

Oh yeah, payment in full includes execution of George Bush and Dick Cheney, at least, after trial. Execution of Don Rumsfeld and various neocons would be a bonus.

But it won't happen, of course. Americans are too chickenshit to protest a million raghead deaths. They're just ragheads. They're not even Christians (which goes to show what Americans know, Christians are being killed in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, but they're just raghead Christians, so the american killers can't tell the difference and wouldn't care if the ragheads had crosses sewn onto their clothes).

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