spherical earth

I was reading Sardi on what scientists aren't telling you about stem cell research and I saw a pretty bold claim that

Actually the Bible describes a circular Earth and it was the scientific community that mistakenly asserted the world is flat. [Book of Isaiah 40:22]

Naturally, I instantly got sidetracked. I looked at a few online bibles, most translate the word there as circle. From the Jehovah's witnesses there is The Watchtower web site's New World translation. Bible Gateway's KJV says circle although the New Advent catholic site has "globe".

Circle doesn't seem to me to be conclusive demonstration of the knowledge of the earth being spherical (although, certainly, the greeks knew about sphericality long ago). I did a google search and found a discussion on Does the Bible Teach a Spherical Earth? which finally determines (after analysis of "key Hebrew words and their translations in modern and ancient versions...") that "there is no substantive evidence and thus no warrant for this claim.

OK, digression over for the rest of the day, I hope. Well, actually, I'll read the article and then move on to real work :-). I'm not making any particular conclusion on the matter. It's not such a big deal, I was just struck by the very positive way Sardi makes the point in passing.


BronxBarbie said...

Well in our last century it was possible for man to go into space and take photos - thus claiming and proving once and for all the earth's shape...

Just think: Columbus could have saved himself a trip if he read his Bible.... but as history has proven he was up on other fiascos and genocide with his aganda ;^)

Alfredo B. Palconit, Jr. said...

As the saying goes "Still think the world is flat? Buy a boat!" Some people don't believe what the bible says and prefer to prove or disprove it by themselves.