IQ lower


I recently took two IQ tests (one at work, and one online. The test at work was pretty damn exhaustive (also exhausting, although it wasn't just IQ), while the online test was very short. Both give a result that's 10 points less than what I thought my IQ was :-).

Both my previous tests (10 points higher than the recent scores) were from more than 20 years ago though. And they were *more* culturally biased. They also had large knowledge components. The recent tests had much smaller knowledge components and much higher image and space manipulation components [both of which I do very badly at]). Apparently I'm relatively weak at the abstract stuff and my general knowledge and english skills were pulling my scores up.

On the other hand, if the tests are equivalent and haven't been renormed, well, I'll accept that I've lost some pure intellectual capacity then :-). Perhaps I can make it up in experience and general knowledge :-)

Oh yeah, hotmail thinks email from iqtest.com is spam. Fortunately, I looked in the Junk mbox :-).

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