So maybe opera isn't so broken after all

Here I whine that opera is unstable and does a lot of things wrong. Now I’m not so sure. My problems might be configuration related. I’m blogging this now from a different username, with a completely fresh .opera (didn’t exist before this session). I’m not seeing the problems I used to. For instance, while blogging, for instance, the text going under the scrollbar… well, for one thing, the scrollbar is always visible. Unlike in my other instance. Also, in my other setup, I have the zoom percentage set at a default of 120%. This is set at 100% and so i don’t see the text going under the scrollbar. One thing about that though… the text is rather too small for comfortable blogging.

I’ll test some more. For now I’m very interested to see if the browser will be unstable with very many documents open. And then I’ll start to do my fixes to bring it to parity with my other setup (bookmarks, remove the ad thing, switch to text only browser look (i don’t like the icons since i’m not a visual person).

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