Mandrake Weirdness

I’ve got quite a lot of Mandrake weirdness. On my dialup gateway, iptables wouldn’t load at all. I cleaned some stuff up (apparently I’d installed newer modutils and such, maybe when I was playing with some cooker RPMs, or when I was playing with a 2.5 kernel. Anyway, I got iptables to insmod. But it’s still not perfect, because I get invalid something errors when I try to add the masquerade rule. So iptables works, but masquerade won’t.

I have just the same problem on the laptop. With:

iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j MASQUERADE

# yes, I know that’s not secure, it’s just for example and for simplifying things. In practice there would be filters there.

I get : Invalid argument.

I don’t get that in the vmware linux. So I guess it’s because of installing unsafe RPMs and such. I’ll have to reinstall

on both. Hahay. Better not forget anything when backing up! Heh, last time I lost two or three days worth of email

(had backed up just three days before).

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