i brought some durian from davao last trip. i opened one today. I think i waited too long. the first one i opened had spoiled. damn. the second one was good though. i’ll open the third one tomorrow. i couldn’t eat all of the second today, so i took all of the edible stuff and put them in the refrigerator. tomorrow i’ll do the same to the third. it’ll be beautiful :).

i’m pretty glad i’ve been buying durian in davao. at least i’ve learned how to open one. it’s not as difficult as i thought. although it is still death defying. a little slip, and one is punctured, gashed, and aerated by lots of little hard spines.

now, if only things would work out and i could go to davao again, profitably. for now, well, davao is not working out and i’ll not be going there for months, probably. aiiyah. well, camiguin is a useful substitute, i suppose. it’s a thin, weak, substitute, but we take what we can get. But I take that back. It’s wonderful there. It just so happens that Davao is closer to my forebrain, and, as it happens, my coeur, than is Camiguin right now.

huh. raining tonight. very strong. i’m afraid that some of my roof might not be strong enough and that it might start raining inside the house. heh, that’s just paranoia, of course. boy, i’m getting pathological. it’s a short trip to the happy farm, me boyo.

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