Interview tomorrow

I've got an interview with a recruiter tomorrow. The position is an exact fit for my profile, so I'm pretty sure the interview will go well. I sent an application for a senior developer position. My resume is right for that position. I'm going to look at the intermediate developer positions too though. I'm coming off a series of team leader positions and I think I'd prefer the lower level positions though. At least for a year or two. After some decompression (and getting a feel for kiwi management style) I might be ready for team leader positions again.

So I think I'll be looking more at those intermediate positions rather than the one I'm interviewing for :-). I already expressed some of that to the recruiter in a phone call, so he won't be blindsided by it. I *am* open to a senior position too, but it'll depend on who else is on the team (senior support, is there a business analyst leader, etc). I'm OK with handling business analyst type work for short periods, but I don't enjoy it so I don't do well at it beyond a month or so.

I've also applied for 4 other positions (one in C++, the other three being exact matches again), and I'm waiting for a call from sol's company. I'd really prefer to work with sol's company, Catalyst IT Ldt. That'll be my first priority. But since I'm not certain to find a perfect match there (although the odds are pretty good), I'm applying for other jobs too. Everything I've applied for seems to be very interesting. I'll be applying, in the next few weeks, for the less perfect matches :-). There's a lot of work, but of course, not everything is a match (as to skills, technology preferences, or location, since I'm not open to work outside Wellington, or even in parts of Wellington which are not convenient to travel to (e.g., Upper Hutt).

Sol took two weeks to get an offer, although that was through extremely serendipitous happenstance. If I get an offer in two weeks or so I'll be doing pretty well.


alfredo said...

Good luck on your Interview tomorrow Sir! I am sure you can get the job you want with the years of solid experience under your belt.

By the way, is there an online job site or IT companies you can recommend if I decide to work there? My work experience is more inclined to Web Design and Search Engine Marketing.



Bopolissimus X Platypus said...

Hi al. There are a lot of jobsites. Generally though, employers will want you to already be in NZ or be about to land in NZ and have permission to work. So the first thing to work out is a work permit of some sort. Some companies might be willing to work out your work permit for you, but that's not very common (unless you're Linus or someone like that :-).

You can apply for immigration at immigration.govt.nz.

Lots of jobs at jobs.search4.co.nz, jobuniverse.co.nz, trademe.co.nz (it's an auction site, but jobs get posted there, look for the Jobs category), career.co.nz, seek.co.nz. There are quite a lot of others. Sol and I tried all of the above except career.co.nz, which I just saw today.

Jon said...

hi tiger,

saw marvin pascual the other day and he mentioned you're now in NZ. i hope all's well with you.

i've been "trying" to get in NZ for years but have always chickened out when opportunities show up on the front door. :)

good luck!

Bopolissimus X Platypus said...

Hi Jon. Yeah, I probably would still be in Manila if not for my wife. She pushed the issue and we finally made it here.

The process we took (skilled migrant, most IT workers, and particularly developers, analysts and system administrators qualify as skilled migrants) was less risky but took longer (and they raise the points required every few years, it seems).

Others come over on tourist visas, live with friends, and then apply for jobs and process their work permits here. Most work permits are for three years, but any good developer will probably be able to convert their work permit (U.S. equivalent is H1B) into a permanent residency (U.S. equivalent is, of course, the green [I'm told it's now pink] card).

It's a good place to immigrate to if you're married and have children. You'd make more money if you were to immigrate to Australia, but we like NZ more.