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I posted a comment somewhere, and I keep a copy here in case the page goes awol in the future.


Eric11210 is an Israel apologist. I don't have a problem with that, he loves his country very much and he sees very little value in having palestinians around. It's a common belief system. My reply (one very minor formatting-only edit):


Your Israel is slow strangling the palestinians. You take their land, you deny them water, you overcharge them for electricity, you kill them, you don't let them walk from their house to their farm because there's a wall in between. You burn their olive trees. You kill them some more. You imprison them with no charge for decades. You build some more walls to strangle them some more. You build roads that Palestinians can't use. You let pregnant women wait at checkpoints until they give birth. You know the drill. No doubt there's some torture here and there, but what's a little torture between enemies, right? If they're guilty, maybe they'll talk. If they're innocent, well, they deserve it. The harder you make life, the more likely they'll leave to live in squalid refugee camps over some border somewhere. Or in Gaza, where you can squeeze them even more efficiently (although, unfortunately, the Egyptians might not be playing ball for much longer.

In the past, when it was jews who were treated as above, some fought and some didn't. Much as some palestinians fight and some don't. Things are different though when you're on top fucking the ragheads until they die. Now you have right on your side, don't you?

They don't have nukes, they have very few guns and explosives. They have ill trained personnel (they can't train in Israel since they'll be found out and killed before they get any good). The weak fight with what weapons they have. Were your Haganah innocent of psychological warfare and the war for international opinion then when you were taking Israel from the British? Or, in fact, for several decades after independence when you were under attack from (or attacking) the Jordanians, Syrians and Egyptians? I'm neither justifying nor approving of those terror bombs in civilian areas by the way. But again, they fight with what weapons they have. They can't fight standup fights against the army because they'd lose every time. Your enemies either get better or they die. You've been killing the stupid ones for two generations now. As time progresses you get what you don't kill.

Some (to be clear, Israel) are lucky to have friends who will give them weapons and diplomatic cover (particularly if it's american weapons and support, and better yet if they're religious fundamentalists because that sort don't listen to reason). Sadly for the Palestinians, the world is probably not going to bat for them. Or not enough to get your boot off their neck. So they're going to strangle, slowly. Until (as is devoutly wished by far too many in the government), the palestinians are all dead. Or cowed so completely they aren't even human anymore.

And when that day comes, will you be proud of your epic and historic victory?

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