Without a sense of irony

Palestine 305 Israel is forcing arabs out of their homes, homes they've occupied for decades, to make way for new apartments for jews only

This is Israeli apartheid. Halfway to fulfilling my prediction that eventually they're going to have to kill off all the arabs. For now, all they're doing is killing a few thousand here, a few thousand there, keeping a few tens of thousands of arabs in jail and torturing a few thousand of them.

Personally, I won't have anything to do with anything Israeli. I won't buy their products, I won't go there, and I'll do all I can to convince people who want to make the pilgrimage not to do it. That won't do much good, people who want to do the pilgrimage will go anyway, regardless of the evil they support which they willfully misunderstand, but I'll say it anyway.

Are there Israelis they are creating? No doubt, maybe even a large majority. But that doesn't matter. A complete boycott is what I'm for. No exceptions. The arabs are going to be starved of food, space, life and hope anyway, regardless of how well we discriminate between good and bad Israeli products.

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