sick today

I was cold and shivering last night, up to around 10AM. I thought I'd let it take its course, and get to the office in the afternoon. I can't though since I've got some mild vertigo.

Last night was probably due to walking up the hill in the cold (it was raining too, but just mild showers and I bought a small umbrella that, surprisingly, didn't break or blow away in the Wellington wind :-). And then, when I got home, well, I have a bug at work that's taken forever to figure out because the test cycle is just so long. So I worked on that til around 2:30AM. It seems to be an alfresco+lucene bug, and my various workarounds are not working. So when I went to bed it was unresolved, and I was cold and exhausted.

Which is not to say that I didn't enjoy myself during the bug hunt, but I still need to solve the problem. I'll probably be working on that around 4 hours a day over the weekend. But not today or tonight. Need to rest up.

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