A month or so ago my mother came back from the U.S.

She brought cheese (a half circle of blue cheese, which I'm consuming diligently, and which enriched a pasta dinner we had two weeks ago, to deep and lovely effect) and six huge steaks. It's impossible to get steaks like that here. Meat is sufficiently expensive that there are no huge portions because there's not much of a market for 3 or 4 lb steaks. My mother bought these steaks at costco and they're monsters.

We had some of that a few weeks ago. and we had some more yesterday (Saturday). It's certainly not the case that everything that comes out of the U.S. is evil. The steaks are pretty good. We had a great time this week. Of course there was isaw at U.P. Diliman on Friday (which was a public holiday, being the end of Ramadan). My in-laws want to do that again, so maybe we'll do it this coming weekend or the next. And then there was steak, mashed potatoes and gravy. That was lovely. We've got one more steak and we seriously considered having steak AGAIN. Fortunately, today we had lechon kawali for lunch. That was heart-attack city and great with vinegar and garlic.

Despite all this wonderful food, I'm not gaining weight. Clearly, I need to eat some MORE! :-)

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