Baby is home

Sol gave birth on Nov 2, at 6:04AM or so. Timothy Joseph Quimpo is named the same as my brother, but the name really stems from my paternal grandfather Timoteo, my father Jose and our favorite (and only) maternal uncle, Jose.

I was going to post this on MonotremeTech, my other me :-) because it's sort of technical, my first youtube upload. Changed my mind though. This place needs a respite from recriminations against {elided description here} politics, politicians, and the depravity of U.S. foreign policy.


Alfredo B. Palconit, Jr. said...

so cute! congrats!

JOJO said...

Hello TJ: Welcome to the world. You came in (or is that out) with your eyes wide open. Good sign. Cheers to your Pops and Mom. Tiger is a dad !!!