Petron gas station tax evading bastard

I sent an email to contact_us@cctr.bir.gov.ph, I wonder what the effect will be, if any:

I gas up at a Petron gas station on P. Guevara, San Juan. By default, they don't give any receipt. When I ask for an OR (explicitly saying "O.R.", not just "resibo"), they ALWAYS give a cash invoice, when I ask for an OR again, they will often ask if I really want a receipt
and only when I say YES I REALLY WANT AN OFFICIAL RECEIPT will they finally give me an O.R. This O.R. takes an inordinately long time to make.

All of this seems to be designed to make providing ORs to customers very unlikely (so that they can pocket the VAT, income tax due, etc).

Where do I go to complain formally? Is it sufficient to post it here and you will forward to the relevant BIR officers?

In contrast to this, there is a Shell gas station on Boni and P. Cruz which always provides O.R.'s whether or not it's requested (their POS terminal automatically prints the receipt, much like KFC or McDonalds do).

Is this a Petron corporate issue (they don't require franchisees to provide ORs by default and they allow evasion by avoidance) or is it just the Petron franchisee evading taxes?

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