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Monotremes are weird

sol and i were discussing Omnipotence of God (she recently became a Christian) and that link led me to Theodicy, which is very long, interesting, and might be disturbing to someone who believes in Omnipotence (the Omnipotence entry also says that Omnipotence is only mentioned once in the bible, in Revelation, which I did find this morning, so I suppose the jews are not scripturally bound to the concept, although I don't know what their extended analysis of the situation might have led them to recently).

I've read quite a lot more than that today. This happens when I occasionally get demotivated with work. As it happens, today it wasn't ramcar (where the work is massive, but I'm glad to have it, since it's fun) but IPRC (where the work is done and they haven't paid the final installment yet, so I'm not highly motivated to add the features they've requested).

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