One more reason why I shouldn't live in the USA

I was reading the Washington Post, and I saw:

This article about BooksFree.

It's not a *bad* thing about the USA (there are some bad things about the USA, people work too hard, there is no time for a life and everyone is chasing after their credit card debt, it's all too tense), but this isn't one of them. This is a *good* reason why I'm fortunate not to live in the USA.

This site is an instant entree into the poorhouse for me. I'd be a member instantly, and I'd never get any work done because I'd be reading so much. Maybe I'd have *two* subscriptions, thus receiving twice the number of books per month.

I need to work harder, so that I'll be able to either setup such a company (all those books right in my warehouse, free to read before I send them out) or retire and subscribe :-)

Oh, wait, the URL for that company is:


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