Cagayan de Oro online phone directory

I had to get phone numbers for some Cagayan de Oro hotels so that friends who were going there could query prices and book (they still don't have web sites, or the web sites don't come up early enough in google) and I remember that there's a handy site for searching for CDO phone numbers. CDO-ID is a searchable site for numbers.

Now, the front page hasn't been modified since around 2001, so possibly the phone numbers aren't the latest either, but most of the numbers will still work.

I remember that when I used to work for an internet provider in CDO I wanted to do something like CDO-ID too. Years before that I'd gotten hold of the Misortel phone data and had a searchable site (long gone now, hosted by weblink i think). Well, I tried to get the data out of the telcos, but they were incredibly unimaginative and I never really could get the data out on a regular basis so that I could have a reasonably up-to-date directory. Eventually I gave up trying, particularly when I found out that CDO-ID already had a site.

This resistance to putting up phone numbers on the internet is a major stupidity for any telco. After all, if the phone numbers are online, people can search for them and they're then likely to make long distance landline calls. The cellular telcos should probably also do something similar, at least for their postpaid accounts, and maybe some sort of interactive prepaid directory too (aliases allowed, but maybe filtered for obscenity and illegal names). That would probably drive up voice traffic.

But I don't see the celco's doing that either. They don't like change, despite their business being founded on technology, where change is so fast, it's essential to embrace it.


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Yeah, CDO-ID is no longer updated. I think it's the owner of Hexagon or Interpace who developed the site and maybe later quit maintaining the site.

It was cool at first. I could find all the numbers of all my possible relatives by searching for my surname.

I was hoping they (or someone else) will maintain the site for at least once a week, it was a good idea, but not fully implemented.


Since the provide these huge phonebooks to every household that has telephone, why can't they give out the numbers online?


Like me, some people often change numbers. It'll be so confusing to have an online directory of all cell numbers. If it will be made, at least it needs permission from the owner and must be updated twice a month.


Just like Clickthecity.com. maybe make a site like that for Cagayan de Oro. I don't know. For me, CDO is still a small town and internet is not that felt compared here in Manila. Most internet cafes there are mostly for gaming and usual mIRC, Yahoo IM.

If we can't get the phone numbers database from telcos, better we invite people to add their numbers to the site (needs quality control though).

lets say: www.clickcdo.ph

Alfredo B. Palconit, Jr. said...