Saisaki music

I was at Saisaki megamall the other night. I would have a link there, but I don't since i don't see an official saisaki web site on the first or second page in google. these people need to hire an SEO :). the one link i clicked on was some whining about a "saisaki trap", which is, i suppose, bad enough, but... if that comes up ahead of the real saisaki web site, well, they need to hire an SEO.

Sol and I met francis, my brother. He's in from the U.S. and is nuts about japanese food. Sol asked me what francis looks like and I couldn't answer. I'm just no good with faces. When francis arrived however, it struck me. he looks like Ming Tsai! :).

Anyway, the food is always wonderful there. I always love the salmon sashimi. Sol ordered the uni for us, my first time, and it was incredibly good.

but the music sucks. I mean, country muzak is really, really bad. Whose damn fault is that?

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