Things to do/learn

Things I need to do or learn when I find the time (not anytime soon, but maybe one thing at a time on weekends when current project is done).

1. Switch to Subversion from CVS (might do this soon).
2. Learn how to set up drbd (vmware or UML for testing).
3. Learn Postgresql Slony replication.
4. Set up bugzilla and mantisbt (the one just for fun, the other, probably for use).
5. Test setting up heartbeat and virtual servers (#2, maybe watch ian or cedric set this up?
More fun to figure it out on my own, but takes a lot longer :)
6. Test setting up ypserv and ypbind
7. openldap na rin for PAM and email and other auth...
8. Java this, Java that, lots of new stuff to look at there.
9. Test MySQL transactions (InnoDB) and subselects (latest version). Of course MySQL
really isn't usable yet for serious databases until something like plpgsql becomes
available for it. But it's getting there.

hahay, kailan pa ba magkaka-oras para sa lahat na iyan.

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